Furman Capital Advisors

Founded in 1986, Furman Capital Advisors (FCA) serves as the specialized Investment Services Division of NAI Earle Furman. Anchored in the strategic hubs of Greenville SC, Columbia SC, Greensboro NC, and Winston-Salem NC, FCA has been devoted to addressing the unique investment needs of our clients for decades. Integrity, passion, and deep-seated expertise help guide us in proficiently maneuvering through the intricate world of commercial real estate investments, ensuring a service that is both professional and tailored to individual needs.

Our team, which harnesses over a century of collective industry experience, diligently works to comprehend the intricacies of the local and regional markets, always prioritizing a client-centric strategy. We employ a robust digital platform to broaden our horizon, establishing connections with purchasers on both a national and international scale. This commitment to leveraging modern tools and approaches, paired with our deep market understanding, has propelled us to facilitate billions in transactions, a testament to our substantial track record of delivering best-in-class services.

Choosing FCA means choosing a partner equipped to foster your success at every stage with strategic insights and experienced guidance. Your investment goals are not just understood but meticulously prioritized, promising a partnership anchored in reliability and shared vision for success.

The Team

At Furman Capital Advisors, integrity and leadership are not just values; they are the pillars that have sustained our reputation in the industry over decades. Our team includes a rich tapestry of experience and specialization, bringing together a collective expertise that spans over 100 years. This foundation empowers us to navigate the complex landscape of CRE investment with an unparalleled passion and proficiency. Together, we foster a collaborative environment where each member contributes their unique insights, driving success in every endeavor we undertake.

Our leadership is forward-thinking, leveraging our extensive experience to constantly innovate and elevate the services we offer. Our passion for real estate goes beyond business; it is a dedicated pursuit to craft opportunities that foster growth and security for our clients. We have facilitated billions in transactions, a testament to the trust and excellence we have nurtured in the real estate sector

Together, we provide client services built on the bedrock of integrity and acute specialization. In a constantly evolving industry, we are a steadfast force guided by principles that prioritize the needs and ambitions of our clients. The FCA team is not just a beacon of leadership but a proven entity where expertise meets dedication, promising a partnership that is grounded in experience and geared for success.

Our Services

Leveraging the extensive industry knowledge and experience of our team, we prioritize your investment goals, guiding both sellers and buyers through a streamlined process that maximizes value at every stage. Sellers benefit from our comprehensive approach, characterized by intelligent assessments, meticulous property reviews, and a best-in-class marketing platform that ensures maximum exposure and value realization. Buyers can trust in our expertise in identifying exclusive opportunities and navigating complex 1031 exchanges with precision and ease.

Our reach extends through extensive local, regional, and national networks, promising exclusive opportunities and unparalleled market insights. From ensuring capital preservation through strategic 1031 Exchanges to offering rigorous underwriting, valuation, and financial modeling services, we equip you with the tools and insights needed to make informed decisions that align with your short and long-term objectives.

With FCA, experience a partnership that optimizes asset performance in alignment with market trends and your strategic goals. Join us in empowering your real estate investments through a journey marked by integrity, expert guidance, and a steadfast commitment to achieving your investment objectives.

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