The Goddard School

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2.45 acres

• Long-Term Lease: The lease began in 2023 and includes a 20-year initial term (±19 Years remaining) with four additional options to renew for 5-year periods.

• Annual Rent Increases: To protect against inflation, the rent will increase annually by 1.50%, fostering long-term & steady financial growth.

• Zero Landlord Responsibilities: The lease is structured as Absolute Net, whereas the tenant handles all expenses, offering the landlord true mailbox money.

• Leading Early Childhood Education Provider: The Goddard School is nationally recognized as the premier provider of early childhood education. In 2023, it was also distinguished as a top Recession-Proof Franchise, highlighting its stability and reliability in challenging economic times.

• Highly Recognized Franchisee: The tenant, a Goddard School franchisee, continues to receive multiple awards and was the top-ranked among over 520 schools nationwide in 2019.

• State-of-the-Art Construction: The building, constructed in 2022 as a BTS for the Goddard School, features top-tier Class A+ amenities for the teachers and students.

• Strategic Location with High Population Density: Situated in the heart of Greenville, the location services affluent neighborhoods such as Hollingsworth Park, Parkins Mill, and Augusta Street, with over 178,000 residents and an average household income of $106,519 within a five mile radius.

• Affluent Area with Growing Wealth: The average household income within five miles exceeds $106,000 and is projected to surpass $119,000 by 2028.

• Desirable Submarket: Located in the Woodruff Road area of Greenville, known for its affluent neighborhoods and proximity to major retail options.

• Rapidly Developing Market: Greenville has gained recognition as a prime destination and rapidly growing city, attracting major employers like BMW Manufacturing, Michelin North American Headquarters, GE, Lockheed Martin, and many more.

• Attractive State for Real Estate Investment: South Carolina is increasingly popular among real estate investors, thanks to its quickly appreciating property values and strong economy.

For more information:

Robert Schmidt, CCIM
Director & Shareholder
(864) 678-5995
Peter Couchell, CCIM
Managing Director & Shareholder
(864) 678-5923

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Day Care/Nursery




Fee Simple

Lot Size:

2.45 Acres

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Absolute Net

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